Author(s): Ginelle Giacomin, Samantha Hupé-Wells
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The Ndinawe Child and Youth Care Certificate Program (NCYCCP) is a post-secondary education program for formerly sexually exploited individuals in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The program is delivered in partnership between RRC Polytech and Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc., rooted in Indigenous teachings and provides holistic support to students who bring important and often difficult lived experience and life circumstances to the program. The purpose of this research project was to assess the long-term outcomes following graduation for alumni of the NCYCCP. Twenty-three alumni were interviewed from 11 of the 13 program cohorts. Of those interviewed, just over half of graduates had less than a grade twelve education at the time of enrolment, while all were receiving provincial Employment and Income Assistance. The data collected in this research shows that the NCYCCP is an important and effective program, in both human and economic terms. While it supports students’ financial independence and creates less reliance on government support, its value extends far beyond the public purse. The NCYCCP has a transformative impact in all areas of students’ lives, including personal well-being, family, education, and employment which further creates positive impact in their communities.

Grant: Community-Driven Solutions to Poverty: Challenges and Possibilities - 2020-2027
Category: Education, Training, and Capacity Building