Poor Housing: A Silent Crisis is a compilation of essays edited by Josh Brandon and Jim Silver, co-published by Fernwood Publishing and CCPA Manitoba. It was launched at McNally Robinson on October 21 and a community symposium on October 22 at WestEnd Commons. Community members, government, non-profit organizations, and advocates came together to learn about poor housing in Manitoba and work together to find solutions.

Across Canada, there is a severe shortage of decent quality housing that is affordable to those with low incomes, and much of the housing that is available is inadequate, even appalling. The poor condition of housing for those below the poverty line adds to the weight of the complex poverty they already endure, which includes worsening health, adversely affected education and neighbourhoods that are more prone to crime and violence. Using Winnipeg, Manitoba, as an example, Poor Housing: A Silent Crisis examines the real-life circumstances of low-income people who are forced to live in these conditions. Contributing authors examine some of the challenges faced by low-income people in poor housing, including difficulties with landlords who abuse their power, bedbugs, racism and discrimination and a wide range of other social and psychological effects. Other selections consider the particular housing problems faced by Aboriginal people and by newcomers to Winnipeg as well as the challenges faced by individuals living in rooming houses.

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