Author(s): Sarah Cooper
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What makes social housing ‘social’? In part, social housing is different from private-market housing because it intentionally provides low-cost housing for low-income households. But it is also a way of taking housing out of the market. It’s a way of keeping housing affordable, and of stabilizing housing as shelter, by removing the potential for speculation. And, it is provided collectively through community-based organizations and government programs, and funded collectively through taxes and government spending.

Today, social housing in Canada is changing as decades of consistent long-term federal and provincial funding are drawing to a close. This research explores the effects of this transition for non-profit and cooperative housing in Manitoba. Through interviews with nonprofit and cooperative housing providers, it examines the implications for both organizations and tenants, as well as for the housing system in Manitoba.

Grant: Partnering for Change: Community-Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner-City Poverty - 2012-2019
Category: Housing and Neighbourhood Revitalization