Author(s): Jesse Hajer, Niall Harney, David Macdonald
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The last few years have been quite the ride. Navigating the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, government support, and the cost of living has been a social and economic rollercoaster in many respects, leaving many wondering if things will ever settle down. Despite the push to move on, the effects of COVID-19 are still with us: lost loved ones, long-term disability, delayed surgeries, amplified mental health challenges, homelessness, and students trying to catch up. In Manitoba, the pandemic layered hardship on health and education systems already vulnerable due to provincial government austerity, with the Progressive Conservative (PC) government, at least initially, doubling down on an agenda of cuts in already hard times. Just as things seemed to be getting back to normal, high inflation and interest rate hikes raised serious concerns around affordability, with governments being called on to provide support. 

Grant: Community-Driven Solutions to Poverty: Challenges and Possibilities - 2020-2027
Category: Community Economic Development