Author(s): Andrew Clark
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Canada’s and Manitoba’s income assistance programs provide support to individuals and families when they have no other way to support themselves. There are 71,500 Manitobans receiving provincial EIA and 43,455 Manitobans receiving Federal Income Assistance. A total of approximately 115,000 Manitobans receive support from Introduction either provincial or federal income assistance programs. These programs have been part of Canada’s social safety net since the 1960s, but their meagre benefit levels are well below the poverty line leaving people in deep poverty, unable to gain the stability necessary to make the transition into training or employment. Poverty is in large part a result of a lack of income. Instead of delivering programs that leave people trapped in cycles of inter-generational poverty, how can we reform income assistance programs to bring people out of poverty?

Grant: Partnering for Change: Community-Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner-City Poverty - 2012-2019
Category: Housing and Neighbourhood Revitalization