Authored by: Dennis Davey

Grant: Partnering for Change: Community-Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner-City Poverty - 2012-2019
Category: Community Economic Development


In this paper, I discuss how I planned to implement an Insurgent Research methodology articulated by Métis scholar, Adam Gaudry in his article “Insurgent Research.” I organized my historic Métis community using an insurgent research model as methodology along with storytelling, community meetings and ‘kitchen table’ discussions to challenge the narrative set in motion by the justice system for San Clara and Boggy Creek Manitoba. I briefly discuss a 2011 court decision, R v Langan, that denied the traditional and re-emergent identity of San Clara. I implemented a community-based co-researcher model grounded in a culture of mutual respect and relationship building to push back against this decision. I include scholarly writings that recommend recording local histories and community and family relationships.

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