Author(s): Lynne Fernandez, Ellen Smirl
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Marginalized workers, many of whom live in Winnipeg’s inner city and in Aboriginal communities throughout Manitoba, exist at the fringe of the labour market. Their marginalized status is entrenched by their inability to access programs such as Employment Insurance (EI). As members of the precarious labour force, they are less likely to qualify for EI benefits because the program was designed for “traditional” workers with a more stable attachment to the labour force. Marginalized workers become ‘invisible’, with minimal ability to improve working conditions, or to remediate circumstances when fired without just cause, or when they find their working conditions unbearable and have to quit. The purpose of this study is to detail how Manitoba’s Aboriginal and inner-city workers fair under the current EI system.

Grant: Transforming Inner-city and Aboriginal Communities - 2007-2012
Category: Education, Training, and Capacity Building