Author(s): Niall Harney, Jesse Hajer, Natalie Dandeneault
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In Winnipeg, the living wage has risen to $19.21 per hour, in Brandon to $15.69 per hour, and in Thompson to $17.48 per hour. In Winnipeg, this is an increase of 87 cents (5 percent) over last year. In Brandon the increase is 3 cents above the 2022 living wage and in Thompson the increase is 85 cents (5 percent).

The increase to the 2023 living wage was driven by increases in the cost of groceries, the cost of renting an apartment, and transportation costs. While these increases in the cost of essentials were considerable, the introduction of $10-per-day childcare brought down monthly costs for working families with children. The main reason for the difference in the living wage rates between the three cities is the cost of housing, which is lower in Brandon and Thompson.

Grant: Community-Driven Solutions to Poverty: Challenges and Possibilities - 2020-2027
Category: Community Economic Development