Authored by: Myrle Ballard

Grant: Partnering for Change: Community-Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner-City Poverty - 2012-2019
Category: Community Economic Development


The Interlake Reserves Tribal Council (IRTC) partnered with Dr. Myrle Ballard from the University of Manitoba to facilitate an Elders Gathering to discuss, determine, and share strategies for First Nation Peoples to heal from the human-made flood in 2011. Over 200 individuals attended the 2-day Elders Gathering on August 24 and 25, 2015 in Winnipeg, Canada.

Many Elders indicated that they are still traumatized by the flood of 2011. They shared candid discussions of what they experienced as a result of the flood. The Elders talked about Minoayawin: about how the flood affected their health and well-being. They provided valuable advice about ways to heal and move on.

In addition to the workshop, 23 Elders were interviewed on a one-on-one basis using a video recorder to capture their stories in the form of Video Voice to share what they are doing to heal from the flood and what should be done to heal. Video Voice is a powerful tool to capture oral histories, oral traditions, and stories.

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