Author(s): Joel Templeman
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Most urban centers in North America have access to quality high-speed Internet connectivity. However, often in low-income pockets of these same cities there are neighbourhoods where residents cannot afford or have other barriers to accessing technology and Internet based resources. The North End of Winnipeg is one of those places.

This project aims to identify specific needs and create local resources to overcome these “digital divides”. This project is a collective effort of several local community groups, technical experts, and researchers. All participating groups share the belief that there is a problem with their client’s ability to access and safely utilize online resources and services and something needs to be done about it. Research shows that local community network projects can work to address both the technical and human constraints and even provide some local economic development along the way.


Grant: Community-Driven Solutions to Poverty: Challenges and Possibilities - 2020-2027
Category: Education, Training, and Capacity Building, Social Inclusion